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Co-occurring Disorders affect individuals who have substance use disorders as well as mental health disorders.  Bison Health provides a high quality of behavioral health treatment plan for dual diagnosis such as (PTSD and Addiction, Bipolar Disorder and Addiction, Depression and Addiction, Anxiety and Addiction)


These services are for those who are in mandatory programs as defined by their licensing boards. Please contact us so we can provide required services as indicated by your licensing board contract.


Some of our clinicians are licensed and/or nationally certified to provide specialized evaluations as required by courts, licensing boards, or state/federal regulatory bodies. These include but not limited to anger/impulse control, substance abuse treatment, diversion programs (nursing board/medical board), and parole/probation departments.

Glass of Milk

Bison Health is committed to  providing therapy services to individuals, groups or families facing challenging circumstances while offering an effective treatment for a variety of emotional difficulties and mental illness


Psychiatric / Primary Care

Are you or a loved one looking for continuous Mental Health Counseling?  Our experienced and licensed professionals are here to provide you quality behavioral health

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